Beer Drinking Through Belgium

Mmmmmmmmm beer. Even if you’re not traveling across Belgium, a trip with your tongue is possible. There is an endless array of beers from Belgium but here are my top 3 safe bets for a good time.

Delirium Tremens (10% ABV) – Delirium Tremens was crowned as “Best Beer in the World” in 2008 at the World Beer Championships. It’s named after the medical condition alcoholics experience when they quit drinking and is a golden ale known for their fuzzy pink elephant packaging and logo.

Chimay Cent Cinq (10% ABV) – This is a tripel ale, which means it was fermented three times. It’s a good drinking beer that’s easy to find in Bevmo or Total Wine.

Piraat – (10.5% ABV) – You wouldn’t know by the taste that this beer packs  10.5% alcohol, it’s smooth and refined. It’s brewed in the town of Ertvelde, north of Ghent. Powerful beers like Piraat are served in moderation, normally at a limit of 3 in a sitting.


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