Cochem Germany – Off the Beaten Path

Cochem market square – winter

Traveling through Germany we decided to take a chance on visiting a small town, Cochem Germany. Known for its wine (riesling) and location on the Mosel river, Cochem is popular in the summer with other Germans. So how does the town stack up for non-German tourists? What about in the off-season? We found out.


Every morning a low fog hovered in and over the valley. It was take-our-breath-away beautiful. While cold, we were not detoured. Sitting high on the valley is the Reichsburg castle and we were lucky to get some great photos of the view. We encountered many friendly locals. The staff at the Am Markt hotel were fantastic.

In the winter there is a small Christmas market under the main bridge that is certainly the talk of the town. We had several cups of hot wine. Speaking of wine, it is a crime that we do not import more rieslings from Germany, the non-sweet types rival pinot grigio. Despite it being winter we enjoyed dinner out at Dazert, which is a small mom-and-pop restaurant. The great thing about off-season is that there isn’t a crowd and the local-run joints are the only ones open. The pace was slower for sure but a much needed stopover between the big cities. We may find ourselves back again.

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