Life is Too Short to Eat American Cheese

American cheese is the worst. It’s a yellow monster we all grew up eating. I am talking about the processed cheese known collectively as American cheese, think Kraft Singles. There are some high quality cheese makers in the United States, so let’s not confuse the topic. As I mentioned in Life is Too Short to Drink Bad Beer, why don’t we have food education in the United States? I’ll try my best.

American cheese starts off as natural cheese where emulsifiers, milk, salts, preservatives, food coloring and other chemicals are then added. This gives the cheese a longer shelf life and a lower melting point. It’s cheap to buy.

Now, here’s why you shouldn’t eat it – because there are thousands of natural cheeses which taste better. Cheese is a lot like wine, there are endless options for endless tastes. In fact, some natural cheeses are made by artisans. Buying natural cheese from a local or independent creamery is better for the economy as processed cheese is made by food conglomerates. It keeps more of your dollar in your own community.

What about the poor grilled cheese sandwich? Think of the grilled cheese sandwiches! Don’t fret, use a 50/50 blend of shredded Gruyere and a sharp cheddar of your liking.

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