The Safety Burrito

Korean BBQ Burrito by Bill Roehl

Korean BBQ Burrito by Bill Roehl

“Are you going to the reception? There’ll be food.” If you have ever been obligated to have a meal at a conference while traveling, it can sometimes be a disappointment. I’ve been subjected to odd buffets, finger foods galore and everything in between. The benefits of free cocktails not withstanding, it’s often too late to grab a meaningful meal afterward.

My plight changed after I discovered a new concept I call: The Safety Burrito. It’s simple, grab a burrito or other hearty snack before a conference meal or social dining commitment.

Take my recent business trip to Atlanta for example. I stayed downtown where zero food options were open after the reception. It was only 10:30 p.m.!

It’s sounds like common sense, eat a little something before an unpredictable meal! But I can attest first hand to how hard it can be to eat enough during busy conferences. The Safety Burrito works, make it part of your planning next time.

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