Chip and PIN Reaches Critical Mass But It’s a Big Waste of Time

NCF, contactless cards and digital wallets are the future.

Europe took the lead in rolling out Chip and PIN cards, the US held out and then spent millions of dollars to make the switch. Consumers have accepted the change but complain that Chip and PIN is slower. And it is not the best technology, NFC contactless payments are the future. Europe once again is ahead as the switch is in full speed in most EU counties. Contactless cards, look normal but feature this logo:

The attack is on two fronts, contactless cards and digital wallets, like Apply Pay, Samsung Pay and others. There is demand from International travelers for contactless cards but the banks have been slow in the United States to make them an option but they are coming. The QuickSliver card from CapitolOne recently started offering contactless Chip and PIN cards.

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