2015: My Year in Travel

My "do we have to leave" face.

My “do we have to leave” face.

2015 was the pinnacle of my travel life. This year, I traveled the most ever by air at 20,163 miles in a single year. It might not sound like a lot, but the Earth is 24,901 miles in circumference. My lifetime mileage by air is now 96,055 miles, 3.86 times around the Earth.

I visited many great cities: Orlando, Atlanta, Savannah, Los Angeles, Paris, Epernay, Reims and Calgary.

I hit some notable milestones. I visited Disneyland, Disneyworld and Disneyland Paris all in the same year. I conquered the champagne region, completing my booze-trilogy (Napa for wine, Belgium for beer and Epernay/Reims for champagne). I took 2 international trips in the same year for the first time.

I saw Canada for the first time! I had real poutine and visited Tim Hortons! I used points to get to Europe for the second year running, thanks to my travel credit cards. Best for last, I flew first class for the first time (twice). It was a great travel year.



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