Crazy Seafood Feast at 30,000 Ft.

Smells and personal space – the two things that often cause fights on flights. Maybe someone has a tuna salad sandwich. Sure, you groan for a few minutes but let it go. But what if someone brought an entire seafood feast onboard?

There wasn’t a fight, however, an online group of flight attendants recently debated this photo. The group decided that no policy was violated if there wasn’t a mess and the food was properly stored for take-off/landing. Here’s what we know about the photo and my thoughts:

  • This is on Spirit airlines (branded napkin)
  • The photo was likely taken on June 28 or 29
  • There are several airports in the US where crawfish can be purchased after security
  • Pappadeaux Seafood in Houston (IAH) is my guess for the origin
  • The Pappadeaux airport location encourages you to take food to go
  • The baby wipes indicate good planning
  • The wipes are Pampers Sensitive (ad)
  • His camera app is open, so other photos may exist
  • Cheez-its, not sure of that pairing…
  • “Celebrity Crunch Classic” contest on the box ends this month
  • Where’s the biscuits?
  • Dirty airplanes are not places I like to eat food with my hands
  • ALL airplanes are dirty

With that said, I love the spirit of this couple, be yourself, but don’t be surprised if that makes people angry. Also, think twice if you’re valuing your experience over others to their discomfort.

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