Skip Santorini

The roofs are mostly white, not blue.

The blue roofs, that’s how they draw you in. But you would be surprised to know very few of the roofs are blue in Santorini. They are almost all white. That perfect photo you see in tour magazines is really a specific shot in Oia that everyone knows about and, like Disneyland, there is a line. I really wanted to love Santorini. I didn’t. Frankly, you’re going to be disappointment.

Even in shoulder season Santorini is too small for its crowds. Oia and Fira both suffer. Picking days without cruise ships is hard but even so there is little relief. The views are amazing, but then what? What is there to do? Santorini is good for an 8 hour day, no longer than 24 hours.

Like people, not all bad things are all bad. Having a honeymoon suite in a cave was awesome. Drinking Yellow Donkey beer was fun. People watching is amazing, always. But the best activity in Santorini was the Volcano Diver’s experience at Domaine Sigalas. Wine cultivation on the Greek isles is amazing and very different. The experience is a tour and then generous tastings with paired food. A must-do if you do stay on the island, but I recommend you don’t stay – just pass through.

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