D-Backs Ballpark Summer Pass Review

Chase Field with the dbacks pass

$50 for 25 games sounds too good to be true! To find out, we purchased three D-Backs Ballpark Summer Passes. I had experience with the concept as I bought and used the unlimited pass for Oakland A’s spring training earlier this year.


  • The MLB app for your pass works very well
  • There are plenty of empty seats in the upper concourse if you don’t like your seat assignment
  • The assignments are high up but reasonable, the view was still great in row 17
  • The staff were trained on the pass making it easy (the A’s pass wasn’t as smooth at first until the staff got used to it)
  • You can’t beat the value


  • The seats are in the corners of the upper deck
  • Many of the concession stands were closed in the pass area
  • We had the worse draft beer ever, tasted old
  • The walk for good beer was far

Overall, we give the D-Backs Ballpark Summer Pass an A-

This is unrelated, but Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles is at the ballpark. It’s damn good.
Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles.

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