Train: Brussels → Ghent → Bruges

On a grand tour of Belgium, it’s likely you’ll hop on a train. With cities so close to each other, it’s easy and fast. You’ll want to use the InterCity (IC) trains rather than the InterRegio (IR) trains, the IC trains make less stops. Here are the train travel distances. (See for exact timetables)

Brussels  (Bruxelles-Midi / Brussel-Zuid) to Ghent (Gent-Sint-Pieters) = 30 minutes.
Bruges  (Brugge) to Ghent (Gent-Sint-Pieters) = 25 minutes.
Brussels  (Bruxelles-Midi / Brussel-Zuid) to Bruges (Brugge) = 55 minutes.
Antwerp (Antwerp Centraal) to Bruges (Brugge) = 85 minutes.
(Antwerp Centraal) to Brussels  (Bruxelles-Midi / Brussel-Zuid) = 

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