Hotel/Trip Cost: How Much to be a ‘Crazy Rich Asian’ for a Night?

Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands pool is guests-only, so how much would it cost to be a Crazy Rich Asian for a night to preform your own synchronized swimming? Let’s find out.

Getting There
Singapore Changi Airport is reachable from just about anywhere in the world flying in from over 400 cities. In the movie, Rachel Chu travels from New York to Singapore, which averages from $750 to $950 in economy and $7,000 to $12,000 in first class for the high season.

The Hotel
Booking direct at the Marina Bay Sands runs $306 USD a night for the most basic of rooms, it’s the entry level price to get in the pool. Going up from there, Club Room $481, Orchid Suite $620, Skyline Suite $1,450, Merlion Suite $3,313 and finally the Straits Suite at $4,512 a night.

Marina Bay Sands is home to the most expensive dining experience in the world, a $2,000,000 18-course meal for two. Let’s not get crazy and say dinner for two is $500 a person at CÉ LA VI.

Final Cost:
Without any extras, a night at the Marina Bay Sands:

$14,512 to live like a Crazy Rich Asian for a night
$1,656 to live like a Crazy Sorta-Rich Asian for a night

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