Who Likes Flight Stats?

I’ve been developing a travel app for the last five years as a side project. A big element of the app tracks your flight statistics. For example, I fly non-stop 75% of the time. Of the 25%, only 7 segments have been domestic. My app tells me I have 132,406 lifetime miles without the upcoming 9,288, that’s 5.32 times around the Earth, on pace for 1 million miles in 47 years. I have a complete record of every take-off and landing in my life and other facts. I also store my restaurant and hotel reviews in a redundant database table.

Why am I doing this?
You shouldn’t care about my miles and I don’t think you do. The value for me comes from seeing the data and making better travel decisions because of it. For example, my optimal satisfaction on a work trip is five days. Not shorter or longer. On longer work trips my experiences (reviews, ability to keep engaged with the destination) degrade after five days. On shorter trips I don’t have enough down time to understand the destination and get frustrated. These are insights via data alone. I don’t claim to be self-actualized enough to know how to make them otherwise. That’s really the only ambition I have for my app in a sea of other travel apps.

Flight segments by airline.



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