WikiTravel vs. WikiVoyage


WikiVoyage and WikiTravel are rival community travel websites. WikiVoyage is a non-profit, ad-free part of the WikiMedia foundation. WikiTravel is a for-profit, ad supported privately owned website. Both websites have a similar number of articles. Which site is the best?

The Test
We picked 5 cities and compared the content based on the following criteria worth 5 points each: quality, quantity and usefulness. Since much of the content is copy and pasted from one site to another, we will focus heavily on the differences. Scorecard:

The winner: WikiVoyage

Bruges, Belgium – WikiTravel 12 , WikiVoyage 14
Silverton, Oregon – WikiTravel 0, WikiVoyage 6
Phoenix, Arizona – WikiTravel 13, WikiVoyage 11
Paris, France – WikiTravel 13, WikiVoyage 14
Austin, Texas – WikiTravel 13, WikiVoyage 13

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