Worrying About Cents When You Paid Dollars

Beer Belgium

You’ve bought that plane ticket ($800), snagged that rental car ($35 a day) and just checked into your hotel ($150 a night). You paid some serious hard earned cash getting there. Now the hotel wants $14 for a cheeseburger. You’re outraged.

Your trip isn’t ruined but it might feel that way. We often worry about trivial costs when we paid thousands of dollars to travel.

It’s sticker shock, but don’t let it turn into regrets. I went on vacation with another couple. They stayed in their room the entire trip, not for sexy time but because they were so sticker shocked. They invited us to have sandwiches with them with bread, meat and cheese from the grocery store around the corner. I like sandwiches, but I didn’t fly across the country to have them over the local fare.

You only live once, so have that burger. Get a drink by the pool. Go zip-lining. Upgrade that rental.

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