Pre-Pandemic Travel Trends I Don’t Miss

The travel industry has been shaken. In the chaos, little gems of improvement shine through. For example, shrinking menus at restaurants. While I doubt these trends are going away completely, they hopefully will be diminished. Here’s some travel trends I don’t miss:

  1. Buffets. Heaps of low quality food. Food waste. Over-eating to feel like you’re getting a good deal. Buffets had their place, but that was rare on the road. How long has that… been sitting there? Is it safe? Why is this so expensive? Be honest with yourself – were they really a good thing?

    Now, if you’re a kid – dang, I see being bummed. Some of my best experiences after church were going to Hometown Buffet. My parents would talk and talk and talk – instead of being bored, we invented terrible creations. What happens when you put ice cream on roast beef? It’s not good. My parents are the people mentioned next, loiterers.

  2. Legal Loiterers. Those people who paid their check an hour ago but won’t give up the table. You’ve probably heard this recently, “just to let you know, we have a 90-minute limit on the table when there is a wait.” Take your time having a meal but be considerate of others. And guess what, if there isn’t a wait – who cares. It was the table hogs who didn’t-get-the-hint-from-the-server that were the problem. Now, servers are upfront when they are busy. This is great.

    Of course, we could always abandon the turnover-model? Nah, that is not going to happen in America. It would be great for the workers, and it would improve most dining experiences. But we like things hard over here.

  3. People Suggesting Cruise Ships to Me. You’ve never been on a cruise?!?!?!?!? Look lady, I don’t want to be locked up in a germ-infested-travel-prison (a position I’ve held long before COVID-19). Cruises are affronts to freedom, the very thing I travel for. I’ve had the pleasure of being in a port city, and then, having a ship dock, seeing that city change to a flood of people. The boats leave and the city is great again. There isn’t a city that becomes better when a cruise is in port. That’s why I do not like them.

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