Flipping Out: Statue of Liberty Sucks

Statue of Liberty on island
“Liberty Island” photo D Ramey Logan.jpg from Wikimedia Commons by D Ramey Logan

Lady Liberty stands tall and proud in New York City. However, not everyone agrees. In this series we explore tourists flipping out on things that are largely their fault. Let’s kick things off with a common gripe about the color:

☆☆☆☆★ – The entire statue is one color, I’d pro colors and I’d like to see a variety of them in any statue I look at, and I gotta say out of all the colours they could’ve chosen they choose some weird punk green which was like one of the worst possible options.


What ill-informed Jackson doesn’t seem to understand that the statue isn’t painted, and the artist / public knew it would develop a natural patina over time. This is just the statue doing what statues do.

☆☆☆☆★ – The pedestal is so disappointing. The entire museum is boring and amature. Selling tickets for getting inside the pedestal/ statue is a complete scam. Would had bewn better to spend morw time on the already included in your pricing walking tour around perimeter of the island. The concessions are a total rip off too.


Adam is an example of not going in with proper expectations – what was he expecting? It is a statue with a museum. That’s it. There is no roller coaster. It is a somber place and low energy activity.

☆☆☆☆★ – My entire experience was ruined by a security guard. He confiscated my knife and pepperspray, which I was okay with, I didn’t want to take it on the tour or to the islands, but I expected to be able to get MY property back at the end of the tour. After he argued with me, in front of everyone, he told me I could give him my things or leave. I asked if a refund would be possible, because we spent 140$ for the tour, and he refused. We decided to go on the tour, but it was just awful. We will never be going back, we will never donate money to the fund, and I will only ever give negative reviews. I guess they just don’t like 19 y/o, dainty females to be safe in the city.


Oh Hanna, what kind of reaction were you expecting bringing weapons into a national monument? They are not going to keep your knife and pepper-spray on-hand for you when you’re done (for security reasons). Where is your shame?

One of my best tips is to read the negative reviews – they normally help but sometimes people are just the worst.

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