Flipping Out: Angry at the Eiffel Tower

My foggy view from the tower, 10/2015

Many consider the Eiffel Tower to be one of the 7 new wonders of the world. Unfortunately, these travelers on TripAdvisor didn’t agree:

The ugliest attraction in Europe

I seriously have no clue as to how this ‘attraction’ has 4.5 stars and others dont. Its nothing but a horrid pylon stuck in the middle of a bland part of paris. Its littered with people trying to sell you tat,costs a fortune to get up and offers nothing in terms of satisfaction. Total waste of money!!!! (TripAdvisor)

I hate Paris

Im not coming back ever again to Paris and the Eifel Tower is a waste of time. The hole city is overcrowded with turists and french people are not reliable, Trust me. (TripAdvisor)

Steel and more steel
Just a big piece of steel in the middle of Paris. The lines have no organization and the elevatores are allways broken. Go there, take a picture and go somewhere else. (TripAdvisor)

When visiting Paris, I “saw” the Eiffel Tower. But I didn’t make the actual trip to physically see it and I’m so happy that I didn’t. After seeing it in pictures for decades and now seeing it in person, I thought it was an eyesore in an otherwise spectacular and beautiful city. I know that I’m an old soul, but I did not expect to agree with the majority of Parisians in 1889 and thinking that it’s hideous. (TripAdvisor)

Viewed in Daylight
Found this to be a huge disappointment. For some reason I expected it to be reddish in colour and not the bland pale colour now. Usual poor traders on show near the tower itself did not help. Hopefully it would be better in the evening. (TripAdvisor)

Gloridfied Blackpool Tower
We didn’t actually go up the tower but it looked like a glorified Blackpool tower to me and my family. Was quite disappointed. (TripAdvisor)

what an awful sight !!!
A rusty metal cage thing,that is awful close up,takes 45 minutes to get up there in the lift,as non disabled people were in the queue,and push and shove.Once up there the view is beautiful,but the “gift shop”,is a complete rip off as is the refreshment stall.Been seen it…..wont go again. (TripAdvisor)

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