FreeHand Travel Cup Holder

The FreeHand Travel is a cup holder for your upright rolling bag funding on Kickstarter.

Freehand video
This review is based on the concept video and the price, I do not own this item (yet).

I am big fan of hands-free travel, in fact it is a major part of my travel philosophy. Still, the FreeHand seems like a novelty and not a serious travel item I will be packing in my bag. The cup holder looks flimsy with a neoprene holder which might not wear well. I really don’t like the idea of lugging my coffee / drink that way. If I don’t have a hand for my coffee, I’ve packed wrong.

The inventor went a step further to over complicate the item by adding a cell phone / passport storage pouch called the Mobile Pack. They must be insane to think I would store those two vital items in my drink holder.

Through Kickstarter the minimum donation to own a FreeHand (without the mobile pack) is $15 (+$6 with shipping). It’s a small price to support someone’s dream, therefore I have pledged $21 to this project because I love the story but not the product. If this project funds, I promise an update when I receive the product.

Update 4/13/2016: the FreeHand did meet it’s minimum funding goal of 22,000. A full review is coming when I receive mine.

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4 Responses

  1. Jason Klugh says:

    James- I’m doing a little research to identify and connect with more bloggers like you to hopefully get the word out for our project and campaign and get feedback like this! I appreciate your review of our product!- FreeHand. Also, thank you for your pledge of $21 to help us get to our goal! Your assessment of the cup holder and neoprene for the product in the video is dead on accurate. With this being my first ever attempt at doing something like this…. the creation of a product, finding companies to work with, manufacturers etc. …it’s an up-hill learning curve lemme tell ya! Which is why I too felt the same way when I received what is shown in the video back from my initial prototype company. Because of this, I’ve hired a new engineer and manufacturer whom I believe has come back with a more solid, sleek design and a product made of ABS injection molded plastic and TPE material. I’m waiting for this one to arrive in the next couple of days (today is 3.23.2016). If it functions and provides a solid foundation on where to put the drink. We’ll be going to manufacturing. The new design can be seen on my website on images 2 and 4 and in the products section.

    Though I’m not insane 🙂 a buddy of mine had the same feedback you provided on the mobile pak and I agreed to some extent, which is why I decided to make it a stand-alone or all in one option. I myself, find those times where I’m sitting at the gate, working on my laptop and not having a place (except for the seat next to me) that I can still get to my phone, headphones, or even my ticket without digging through my pocket(s) an inconvenience.

    Welcome any feedback you have if you get a chance to look at the new design and I’ll make sure, once we get to our funding goal, I ship one your way!

    Thanks again,
    Jason Klugh

  2. James Marcus from Seat 17A says:

    Jason, thank you for stopping by. I love that you have the guts to follow your dreams. I look forward to seeing the ABS / TPE version.

  3. Jason Klugh says:


    Happy New Year! Wanted to get your thoughts on Freehand’s final product build and see if you’d be open to providing an update on your blog about the functionality/build and durability of our final product?

    We’ve been getting phenomenal feedback so far and have several partnerships in place and any support you feel would be appropriate would be great!

    Jason Kllugh

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