TS Travel Backpack Review

The TS Travel Backpack is a travel backpack funding on Kickstarter.


This review is based on the concept video, images and price, I do not own this item.

Calling this a travel backpack is a leap. The creator is all over the place with purpose. They claim that the backpack is for everyone but dedicate a lot of space to meal storage. There needs to be a reality check here, it’s a product that doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. They say:

Whether you’re a world traveler, super mom and dad, corporate athlete, or just looking for a better backpack, look no further.  Talon Strong has set out to create a more functional and versatile backpack that adapts to your lifestyle.

The Sovereign Series Backpack is perfect for EVERYONE from avid outdoorsmen to office workers, and even soccer moms wanting to provide healthier snacking options for their kids.


The video and materials don’t scream traveler, in fact the video focuses on almost all the non-travel uses for the bag. For example, why would an international traveler want to carry 6 Tupperware style containers and a shaker bottle around the south of France (around 12 pounds empty)? Plastic sandwich baggies don’t take up as much room and are super cheap. The creators would probably say to just remove the items you don’t like out of the bag but why buy the bag at all?

It’s going to cost $140, including shipping to the US, to own this item if the campaign funds. That’s high when comparing it to other bags better focused on travel. Even taking the passion of its creator into consideration, I do not recommend this item for travelers.

Update 4/14/2016: The TS Travel Backpack by Talon Strong did not meet it’s minimum funding goal.

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