Is this how to over-plan a trip?


A recent story from Humans of New York (HONY) got me thinking. The story goes:

“We’re associate financial representatives—assistants, basically. We planned this vacation in the break room for weeks. We mapped out everything. It’s been a very efficient trip. We went to thirty-five destinations. Everything was planned hour by hour. We mapped out our routes, calculated travel times, chose what snacks we would eat, and even included the time we would need to get ready in the morning. Today got a little messed up because we slept in, but we’re back on track. We have another thirty minutes at the ice rink, then we’re getting a shiitake mushroom burger at Umami, then we’ll get some gelato, and we’re ending the night with a walk down 5th Avenue.”

The great thing about HONY is how supportive the comments are, my favorite:

“Are you ladies available to plan my vacations?”

I love their attention to detail and thought. For me, they over-planned. But my inner geek self is nothing but supportive of these two.

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